Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pierre Lapointe - Quebec Pop

Pierre Lapointe is a Canadian singer from Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec. That I labeled his music pop is not meant to be contemptous in any way. Most of the music here presented is pop more or less. The world still has got to come to terms with this label. Pop can be anything. And this Pierre Lapointe is really an interesting appearance. He won two Félix Awards in a row (2005/2006). The two albums he's released so far are a self titled one and "dans la forêt des mal-aimés". The latter one is which one I've just got so far but I'm completely in love with it :)
The atmosphere to it is fascinating, a bit gloomy of a sound to it when you're listening to it and then the lyrics..
Here's a song off his first album:

"tel un seul homme"
yeah, watching that video you can understand why Wikipedia says about him: "Lapointe has created the persona of an egotistical dandy on stage, [...]"
But it's good. By the way, there's two more videos to watch on his website. His website sucks, but that's just because he's so popular. Big artists very rarely have got good websites. Anyway, at least some music is streamable to get a first impression.

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