Sunday, April 30, 2006

HaDag Nachash (הדג נחש) - Israeli Hiphop

HaDag Nachash is an Israeli Hip Hop band, famous for their song Shirat Hasticker in which every line sung actually depicts a slogan from one of the many bumper stickers on the cars in Israel which often contain more or less "political" slogans. The song as a whole so "creates an" atmosphere "of angry irony", to quote the wikipedia article of the song.
Listen to the bumper sticker song here and check out their website here.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Elefante - Mexican Rock

Elefante offer a nice repertoire of straight rock/pop.
Watch the video of their single mentirosa at
They have it on their own website, too, but in low quality and in .rm format only.


Czech rock music. The Klezhmer influence makes this band special.
No need to understand Czech to enjoy their music.
And they have all songs downloadable on their homepage.
See here

Do you want text?

Asking myself whether I should write some extra information about the bands or whether you'd prefer just to have the link to the media. I created this blog because of the music. Not that someone would get annoyed by my writing . There are enough blogs where people give their daily rantings. This one should not be such.
I think these stupid comments à la "awesome band from here", "great band from there" cannot successfully be avoided. I'm just a stupid human, too, afterall, Beg your pardon :-)

Noir Désir - French Rock

Simply awesome French rock band this time, ..presenting you my favourite song:
le vent nous portera

Also visit their official page -><-

Les Vulgaires Machins - Punk Rock from Québec

la chasse est ouverte

the only video I could find, I think they don't even exist anymore, but you should definitely get some albums!

Los Autenticos Decadentes - Argentinian Rock

como me voy a olvidar
el murguero
los piratas

I am sorry for the bad quality, but that is all I could find. They don't offer downloads on their official page unfortunately, and I am not allowed to upload mp3s ;)
But I think you know how you can get the music covered here :)

ДДТ - Contemporary Russian Rock

DDT is among the biggest contemporary Russian rock bands.
Having had the biggest success in the late 80s and early 90s the music is still good :)
Get a first impression with "Belaya Reka"
If you liked that one, you might try with some other song ****
Visit their official webpage here

Friday, April 28, 2006

Astrud - Vivid Pop from Spain:

A funny band from Madrid, Spain.

"hay un hombre en espana"

Enjoy the video.

Khmer music from the States

A band making music in the tradition of some great Khmer psych rock heroes of the 70s (like Sin Sisamouth, Pan Ron, etc.)
Situated in California.
Here a new cover song: Sni Bong

Post-It and Lucie - Czech Rock

From the Czech republic: Post-It
Post-It - Post-It (video)

Post-It - Ideál (video)
And some other band: Lucie
videos here

Dungen - Swedish Alternative with Psychedelic Influences

Dungen are from Sweden and play an interesting mixture of alternative rock with psychedelic influences. You should definitely try them out! :-)

Official webpage: here

The video "Panda" @ youtube: here

Terminaator - Estonian Rock

You thought Vanilla Ninja were everything Estonia had to offer?
How wrong :-)
There's more in this nice little Baltic state:
Terminaator is the first of Estonian rock groups to be introduced here.
Enjoy their webpage:

Lange Frans & Baas B - Dutch Hip Hop

yes, it exists! hip hop in the dutch language. this hip hop duo is from diemen, north holland in the netherlands. recently got quite popular in the netherlands. i have two links to songs with video @youtube for you:

"ik wacht al zo lang"

"het land van"

Seksendört - Turkish Rock

Starting with modern Turkish rock music.
You can watch the video of Ölürüm hasretinle here

This blog will be about music

It shall be used as a place to promote non-english language music.
First let's make one thing clear: we don't exactly despise English
language music. The only thing, we want to discriminate against it here
is that there is no need to promote it. It is already everywhere.
We want to promote non-english language music because we think what is most important also in music is: diversity.
There's a hell lot of awesome music that gets no public attention at all, cause everybody, everywhere, focuses just on English. This blog has been created to try to do something against it.
We'd love to share music with you here.