Monday, May 29, 2006

Mongolian music special :o)

1) Haranga a rock/pop band; 3 songs:
"on jiluud"
"hair min"
"xaluun setgel"

2) Tatar a Hip Hop artist; 1 song of my choice:
(I don't like his other music too much)

3) As we remember this is a special about Mongolia, we cannot forget to mention its traditional music, the famous throat singing. Sundui and Gereltsogt are the artists for this. If you are interested in Mongolian throat singing (Khöömi) here is a nice site for you: info

Friday, May 26, 2006

Under Byen - Danish Post-Rock

When talking of Danish music one should never forget Under Byen :--)
Here's a nice video from

Another great song...

You can find some free downloadable files on their official web site:

Hvid Sjokolade - Danish Hip Hop

"Kaffe & Kage"... I don't know why people always say Danish sounds ugly.. I think it sounds similar to Dutch sometimes and I like both...

Hungarian Rock...

This one is an old classic...

More contemporary: Akosh-

And finally quite experimental stuff here: Masfel.

Ethiopian music...

If you like this song ( I love the language, it sounds so beautiful! --> Amharic!!!), feel free to dive a little into the Ethiopian music scene.

Swahili music...

Try this site!

Eyal Golan...

Popular music from Israel... this song is really nice, if I'd be a girl I'd have fallen in love =)
I also recommend another song: Elohai (my God)




French pop...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hopalong Knut - Norwegian Ska-Rock

I can't tell much about them. They're simply awesome. Mp3s not easy to find. I'm happy I found a video on youtube. On their own site it is possible to download a second one, too.

Skalariak - Rock from Basque Country

Get some free mp3s and a downloadable video here
Plus all videos at youtube here

Banda Bassotti

Italian Ska-Rock band
Quite a few free downloads on this site

And a cover song here: