Thursday, September 07, 2006

Seryoga - Russian folk pop (hip hop)

Seryoga - Chernyj Bumer

Seryoga (real name Russian: Сергей Васильевич Пархоменко, Sergej Vasil'evič Parhomenko; Belarusian: Сяргей Васільевіч Пархоменка, Siarhiej Vasiljevič Parchomienka, born 1976) is a next generation Russian language musician with growing popularity in urban areas.

Born in Gomel, Belarus growing up in tough neighborhood he is mixing a unique combination of Russian folk music (chastushki) that features fast pronunciation of lyrics with modern lyrics appealing to youth and beats — he quickly rose on the Russian charts with his first single Чёрный Бумер (Chyorny Bumer Black BMW). Initially having background in boxing, he decided to express discontent of growing up in poor neighborhood and life hardships through his art. When he first appeared on Russian MTV, he was branded the "Slavic Eminem". But his true rise to fame came when he got nation-wide recognition in the Russian Factory of Stars television program where many other new generation Russian pop musicians are coming from. He currently works and resides in Kiev, Ukraine.
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