Friday, October 27, 2006

Good music? Russia delivers... (Markscheider Kunst, Skal'pel)

First band to be presented is: Markscheider Kunst from Saint Petersburg in Russia. Yes, I don't like Myspace either, but check theirs. Do it for the music, you can download some songs there, and they're really great, I don't just say it. They play some sort of funky Russian ska :)
You should also pay their official website a visit; would get you to watch some splendid videos in the media section.

Second band is Skalpel; not hard to figure out they also play some sort of ska. So if that's a style you like, no way you wouldn't want to check them out.
(if you are doing web-research on them beware of name similarities with some Polish jazz band)

The Skalpel . Prazdnik
myspace site

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Sha said...

I'm from Italy and I couldn't find any song by M.Kunst in my country... Could someone please help me?