Sunday, December 17, 2006

Eva de Roovere - Flemish pop

I am really happy about this more recent discovery. Eva de Roovere. As some of you might know, unfortunately it's not particularly easy to find good music in Dutch (except for Nederhop). Most young bands in Dutch-speaking Belgium and especially in the Netherlands clearly prefer the English language for whatsoever reasons. This trend is stronger in the Netherlands than in Belgium in my opinion, I want to praise Belgium as a highly creative place with many new bands. (DAAU from Antwerp)

Having already lent her voice for some other smaller projects (Kleine Blote Liedjes, Kadril, Oblomow...) she has now started a solo project with that very album you can listen to on her website.

1 comment:

Kurt said...

Very very very very good singer!

Super music!

Just perfect, really like this album.