Sunday, December 03, 2006

Револвер - "Space rock" from Russia

"Марс-Марс, я - Плутон"
Revolver is an interesting group again. Call their music whatever you want. If it's not your cup of tea then so be it. But. Hey! It's not boring. I'd label them as some sort of strange psychedelic electronic pop rock. If that label doesn't crack you up yet, what does? Try them! There's a good amount of mp3s on their webpage. Although it seems some links are (temporarily?) broken, but, well, try yourself. You're the clicker champ! Additionally to the songs there's also visual data!

Троллейбус №5
If you can't access mp3s on their official website due to broken links or other problems I provide you with two links to songs of them now here.
15 роботов на тарелку марсианина
Марс-Марс, я - Плутон

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