Monday, December 11, 2006

Timpuri Noi - Industrial Rock from Romania

Timpuri Noi are a classic Romanian rock formation playing what could very well also be considered "industrial" rock. They have been formed already in 1981, that means in the Ceauşescu era. For obvious reasons they had to remain in the underground until 1991. Their lyrics were considered "subversive" and incidentally also their name is a pure sarcasm: New Times. That was how the time after the Marxist Socialist revolution was called in the Eastern Bloc. However there are also other voices saying that the name could also be a reference to either a central Bucharest metro station or to the Charly Chaplin movie of 1936 "New Times".

After their time in the underground however the band became unarguably one of the or the Romanian act of the early nineties. That makes it one of the classic Romanian rock groups.

Trivia: Timpuri Noi is the Romanian band that claims to have performed the most live concerts (over 150). Within Romania this is considered special as most singers choose to lip sync.

"Namol" (Lyrics/Versuri)
Check Videoclipuri on their website for more.

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