Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Duman - Turkish Grunge

Duman are the Turkish response to Seattle grunge rock.
They became famous in 2002 when they covered Turkish
music legend Sezen Aksu's hit her şeyi yak (burn everything).
--> Link

There's some more little gimmicks on their website.

Also try their other song bu akşam (This night)
...içerim ben bu akşam... (I drink this night)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Urgabe and other Basque Rock

Urgabe - Ametsak
More songs

-----Plus: another Band,
Duo Deno
All thanks to Desiree ;)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Di Pravinho - Welsh Rock/Ska

Lettres et Chiffres

Hear a bit on their myspace site:
BBC portrait: Welsh / English

Sunday, June 11, 2006

South African band singing in Xhosa

South Africa-based band features one song in Xhosa on their webpage:
Click here to watch the video "Nomvula"
The other songs are also quite nice, I will mention this here, although they're mostly in English ;) (Thanks go to Ulven for mentioning this band)

QUECHUA :---))) Uchpa from Peru

Ever heard rock in Quechua??
It's great! Unfortunately I can't find any other link to music in the web so far, you will have to use some well-known p2p programme ;) (please don't if it is illegal in your country, okay?)

Just one song...

stumbled about this crazy Russian song, when browsing some language ressources (thanks expug)
i'd lie if i told you i'd know more about the group or the like, but i like it, so show it here.
here are more songs (seems to be an album)
(anyone know the name of the group or more music please leave a comment)

Warning: KITSCH

A song from my favourite Bollywood movie :blush: :blush:
"Dil se re" :|

And another song from this movie:

Sorry, I know it's terribly kitschy :| (but so beautiful ;) )