Monday, November 13, 2006

Arsenal and Stereo Total - Similar Bands from Different Countries

I will present these two bands in one post cause they have relatively much in common.
Point one is they don't restrict themselves on one language. Point two, neither do they restrict themselves on two languages. But enjoy singing in quite a broad range. Arsenal for example is from Belgium but they sing in Chinese, Portuguese, French and English. Berlin-based Stereo Total feature songs from Japanese over Turkish to French, German and of course English. While the latter band might be perceived as quite more "strange" by most as their lyrics are pretty bizarre. I still thought there would be nothing wrong about comparing them like I did here, haha. :)
Anyway, I hope you enjoy them a bit, Youtube of course features many songs and videos again, and for the case of Arsenal they also provide you with downloads for most of their songs on their webpage.

Arsenal - Longee

Stereo Total - Ich bin nackt

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