Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thåström - Swedish Punk

Sven Joakim Thåström (born March 20, 1957), as an artist known as Thåström, is one of Sweden's best known punk rock musician.

Thåström grew up in Högdalen and Rågsved, working class suburbs south of Stockholm, where he during 1977-1982 was the lead singer of punk band Ebba Grön. During a break with Ebba Grön (due to that the bassplayer had to serve time in jail which unofficially was the end of Ebba Grön in 1983) he became the leader of Rymdimperiet, later renamed Imperiet, with rock music inspired by the 80s sound. Imperiet also recorded an album with some of their songs translated to English, to try on the international market.
I have highlighted Ebba Grön and Imperiet, cause that's bands you should really know if you want to get into Swedish music. Ebba Grön is THE Swedish word for Punk Rock. It's like Black Flag or whatever, a true classic. And Imperiet has got a cool sound to it, too. A bit 80s. However this guys solo carreer is worth mentioning, I thought!
His website is really lame (So I don't mention it here!). It's really a bit like that: the further West you go, the more "Western" musicians are the pickier are they about their "products". It's a shame! If they really love their stuff why don't they show it. If they really enjoyed making people happy with music, why don't they share their work. Ugh! But well, you know how to get music, don't you! :]


Anonymous said...

Great artist. Best album is probably Mannen som blev en gris.

ANNA-LYS said...

Thanks! He is great, so was Ebba Grön!

May I suggest Hedningarna as the next Swedish artists?

Jón said...

Thank you for this, it's really cool. I'm trying to learn swedish fluently, and this will be helpful.

I can also recommend Swedish Kent, they are a bit similar to Radiohead.